Frequently Posted Problems (and Solutions)
Regarding Suspect Phone Calls

Have you been receiving phone calls that you regard as "suspicious"? Are the callers offering you too good to be true deals, or claiming you owe them money (when you don't)? Are you getting repeated calls from telemarketers, even though you are on the Do Not Call list? If so, maybe we can help.

Please read the information on this page, or in the following links.
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Obtain a call blocker from someplace like Amazon's call blockers Page.

Facts about those mysterious calls This page describes and exposes some of the lies telescammers tell.

Where to complain. Mostly government pages where you can make complaints or learn more about the scams.

FAQs posted on scam reporting sites. and other telephone scam reporting sites receive some rather Fatuously Asked Questions. This page includes some of them ... along with real answers.

Government & Industry actions to stop unwanted calls. Both Uncle Sam and the top communications companies are discussing methods to stop unwanted phone calls. Here is an historical summary, including very recent actions.

See some signs of a telemarketer - if one is in your neighborhood. (It is a joke, son)

The best way to reduce the number of calls from unwanted callers is to use a call blocking device, app or service. Search the web for "call blocker", or visit someplace like's list of call blockers

If you want to check the phone number for a call you received, to see if it was previously reported to the public, visit

If you visit , please avoid suggesting unworkable or inappropriate methods how to stop unwanted calls, such as these.

Wonder why the Do Not Call (DNC) list does not stop these calls?

The DNC list is quite effective when accessed by honest companies. However, it does not prevent unscrupulous companies or people from calling you. Also, there are some exemptions from the DNC list. Charities, surveyors and politicians can legally call, even if your number is on the DNC list. The DNC list is a LIST - it is not a magic switch for your phone.

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